Can you find Yooperlites in the daylight?

Can you find Yooperlites in the daylight?

In daylight, they look like thousands of other rocks along the shoreline. They only reveal their hidden secrets and beauty in UV light.Apr 15, 2019

Can you find Yooperlites on Lake Huron?

Finding Yooperlite “You can find it in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, in farm fields, driveways, gravel pits.” It just takes a good quality UV flashlight, and patience.Nov 13, 2019

Can you sell Yooperlite?

“The technical term for these stones is a syenite rich in fluorescent sodalite. … Rintamaki says that anyone can apply for permission to sell the rocks under the name Yooperlites.Jul 8, 2019

Is Sodalite a Yooperlite?

Yooperlite is a name for rocks that consist of a syenite-rich fluorescent sodalite. Sodalite is mineral that fluoresces an orange or yellow color under ultra violet light.Jul 31, 2021

What makes Yooperlite glow?

What makes these rocks special is the inclusion of fluorescent sodalite. A polished thin section of a Yooperlite showing its unique mineralogy. The mineral sodalite will fluoresce under longwave ultraviolet illumination, creating the glowing yellowish orange veins of Yooperlites.Sep 17, 2018

Is Yooperlite a crystal?

Yooperlite is a new crystal that was recently discovered in lake Superior near Michigan, USA in 2017. … It is the fluorescent sodalite that gives this crystal that incredible orange and yellow glow under a UV light.Jul 20, 2020

What mineral is a Yooperlite?

fluorescent Sodalite

What is Yooperlite made of?

The Yooperlites were investigated by both Michigan Tech University and the University of Saskatchewan. They determined the rocks are “syenite clasts containing fluorescent sodalite.” To break this down, the rock is made up of fragments of coarse-grained igneous rocks, with a similar composition to granite.Sep 17, 2018

Are Yooperlite rocks rare?

Yooperlite is a unique formation of a fairly common element, fluorescing sodalite. What is uncommon is its presentation to the world at this time.Apr 15, 2019

Where are Yooperlites found?

Yooperlites® have been found in different areas throughout Michigan but are most prominent in the Upper Peninsula along Lake Superior. The beaches near the Grand Marais area, as well as in the Keweenaw Peninsula, are popular destinations for those searching for Yooperlites®.

Can you find Yooperlites during the day?

A yooperlite is not just any type of rock; it is the coolest rock you will ever see in your life. During the day, you might stumble into this during one of your metal detecting sessions and think nothing of it. But when night falls, that is when you will truly appreciate and admire this piece of “gem”.Jul 19, 2021

What makes glow rocks glow?

Flourescence is when the energy from an ultraviolet light (black light) reacts with chemicals in a mineral and causes it to glow. … Phosphorescence is when a mineral is still able to glow after the black light is turned off.

What kind of light do you need to find Yooperlites?

Black Light UV Flashlight: This is what will help you find your Yooperlites. Without an ultraviolet light, the rocks won’t glow, so a good quality UV light is a must. We recommend a filtered UV flashlight with UV 365nm for best visibility.Oct 1, 2021